About Me

Mukul Rathi

I'm a Cambridge Computer Science student interested in trustworthy machine learning!



University of Cambridge

B.A. (Hons) Computer Science

Third Year Results: Top Dissertation - 'Types for Data-Race Freedom'. No overall ranks awarded due to COVID, received a high First Class

Second Year Results: Ranked 3rd out of 102.

First Year Results: Ranked 2nd out of 101.


Nottingham High School

GCSEs and A Levels

A Levels: 4 A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry

GCSEs: 11 A*s and A (top grade) in FSMQ Additional Maths


Jul - Sep 2020


Software Engineer Intern

Worked in the Data Portability Infra team, working on the Data Transfer Project. Completed assigned intern project and stretch goals by week 5 of 12-week internship. Used Java, Hack, React and Relay.

Jun - Sep 2019


Software Engineer Intern

Worked in the Catalog Experience team. Used ReactJS and Hack as part of a full-stack business-facing project: implemented error logging infrastructure and surfaced errors in a diagnostics UI for pixel-based catalogs.

Jul - Sep 2018

Jazz Networks

Software Engineer Intern

Worked in the Machine Learning team. Used a beta-VAE for unsupervised clustering of process file event data.

Jul - Aug 2016

University of Nottingham

Deep Learning Research Intern

Interned in the Computer Vision Laboratory. Used Fully Convolutional Networks for semantic segmentation. Completed whilst still in school.

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